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Do You Want More For Your Life? Are You Tired Of Living A In A World Of Monotony, Knowing That Something Needs To Change?

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Get the appreciation, intimacy, and affection from your Wife that you deserve, be the dad your children look up to, and respected by your friends and colleagues as a leader.

Plans For Every Budget, Goal, Experience Level, and Equipment.

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The Iron Forge: Your Path to Transformation

Are You Tired Of The Fad Diets and 'Magic Pills' Promising Results And Not Delivering?

Since starting the Iron Forge in 2019, we have helped over 50,000 men reclaim their confidence, get in the best shape of their lives, save their marriages, improve their relationships with their children, and/or show up as better employees/business owners.

We have done this through our group and one on one coaching programs.

By guiding men through our custom workout, nutrition, and mindset protocols that are designed to help a man build the foundational skills necessary to lead their families as role models.

  • Feel More confident, energetic, and fulfilled.

  • Without limiting you or forcing you to drastically change your lifestyle. 

  • With a custom program that's designed to fit into your existing routine that works around your priorities and obligations. 

Meet Your New Coach

My name is Josh Holyfield and I have a simple goal:

To help men reclaim their manhood and confidence by equipping them with the necessary tools for success in their health, relationships, and profession.

To achieve this goal, we utilize health and fitness as a means to establish a relationship of ownership and integrity with oneself.

Our aim is to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself every single day.

For me, it's not just about achieving an exceptional physical shape.

Rather, it's about unlocking the door to success and confidence in every aspect of your life.

At some point, every man has sacrificed their goals or aspirations.

As a result, I'm here to ensure that you recognize the man you see in the mirror and help you get back on track towards achieving your dreams.

Tyler Morgan,
Past Client, Type II Diabetic

"There are a lot of gimmicks out there. This is not one of them. This is raw, this is real, these are passionate people who say what they mean and mean what they say. There is no doubt about that. So give it a go. It will be worth every second, every dime, every penny, every rep. It will be worth your go."

Here's What Thousands Of Men Just Like You Say

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Ready to transform your life and become the confident, healthy, and strong leader your family deserves?

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WARNING: This is not a cheap gimmick, magic pill, or shortcut. To achieve the results you seek, it's going to require a long term commitment to self-growth, discomfort, discipline, and consistency. Although taking this path will be a challenge, it is guaranteed to work for as long as you do.

The promise I make is for as long as you're committed to yourself, I will be committed to your success.

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We believe that men are not support to suffer alone in silence - feeling isolated in their struggles and challenges.

We are pack animals and the best way to create personal growth and development in the most efficient, sustainable, and effective way is surround yourself with a pack of likeminded man who share a common system of values and common goal.

Our Brotherhood consists of a 30,000 member community where men hold each other accountable, share their hardships (and how to overcome them), and push each other to show up as the absolute best at everything they do.

If you're not ready to sign up, join our Facebook Group for a preview of the community that is responsible for saving thousands of lives, careers, marriages, and families.

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Joining The Brotherhood is about more than just starting a workout program, you're joining a community of like-minded men who have one thing in common.

A relentless focus and drive to achieve nothing less than greatness.

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