The Iron Forge Transformation Case Study:

How Quinten Overcame PTSD & Anxiety, and Stepped Back from the Brink of Suicide


Quinten Lindsley is a father and husband, working full-time for the state of Illinois. With a family that ranges from 18 to five years old, Quinten found himself grappling with various ailments diagnosed by the VA. Consumed by depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the accompanying mental challenges, Quinten's life was spiraling out of control. His daily drinking habit and prescription medications further exacerbated his deteriorating mental health, culminating in a dire moment of contemplating suicide.

The Challenge:

Quinten's main challenge was accountability. The lack of personal responsibility and the consumption of alcohol impeded his fitness goals. He had invested significantly in various programs, but his isolation, combined with hesitancy and a lack of interaction with like-minded individuals, allowed him to continually fail. Moreover, the stigma attached to his mental health issues and the dependency on VA-prescribed medications were obstacles Quinten needed to overcome.

The Transformation:

The turning point for Quinten was a stark confrontation with reality – a bottle of Jack Daniels and a deadly choice. Recognizing his desperate need for change, he decided to join Iron Forge's coaching program. Coaches Josh and James provided Quinten with straightforward guidance, equipping him with the necessary tools for success. They emphasized the importance of personal effort and commitment. The team training and open dialogue with other members became a pivotal aspect of Quinten's transformation, offering him the community and support he so profoundly needed.

The Results:

Quinten's journey with Iron Forge brought about life-altering changes. He stopped drinking, weaned off most of his VA-prescribed medications, and witnessed a remarkable improvement in his physical appearance. Beyond the physical, Quinten experienced profound mental and emotional shifts. His confidence soared, and he embraced a newfound sense of purpose and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Tapping into his passion for woodworking, Quinten even launched a successful side business that holds the potential to become his primary source of income. Today, Quinten stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, support, and the right guidance.

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