The Iron Forge Transformation Case Study:

How Jon, 41-Year-Old Business Owner and Father Beat Alcoholism & Got In The Best Shape Of His Life


Jon Dock, a 41-year-old construction worker, business owner, and father of twin daughters, found himself trapped in a cycle of exhaustion, insecurities, and unhealthy habits. Working tirelessly for 70 hours a week, Jon would succumb to the pressures of life, seeking refuge in a bottle, only to wake up and repeat the cycle.

The Challenge:

Jon was desperate to break free from his destructive routine and was determined to reinvent himself. He had initially tried our bodyweight program but found himself quitting after two weeks, realizing that he needed a more comprehensive and supportive approach to overcome his struggles.

The Transformation:

Jon decided to join The Iron Forge Coaching and opted for one-on-one coaching with Coach John. He needed to relearn the basics of lifting and nutrition, and Coach John was there every step of the way, providing support, guidance, and the necessary resources to help Jon rebuild his life. The Iron Forge group coaching calls, held every Thursday night, became a pivotal part of Jon's transformation, offering insights and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and the everyday challenges faced by men.

The Results:

Jon, through consistent effort and the unwavering support of his coach and the group, has managed to rebuild himself both mentally and physically. He has learned to manage his anxieties and stresses and has developed a healthier and more balanced approach to life. The weekly calls and the personalized coaching sessions have equipped Jon with the tools to combat the perceived pressures and lies that the world imposes, allowing him to live a more fulfilled and content life.

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